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 안녕하세요 ! Welcome to the official webpage for KTOWN Kpop Radio ! <3

On this page, I have provided two links above that will link you directly to the station, so you can start listening right away ! You can also come this this page to see what is currently playing, and to find our Twitter and Facebook pages ! The "Listeners" button at the top will show you everybody in the world who is currently tuning in ! You can press the "Contact" button if you want to request a song, or talk to me about anything else, and if you enjoy the station a lot, feel free to register and become a member, and be the first one to know about updates and added tracks. Lastly, the "Donation" button at the top of the page, and the two donation buttons on this page are very important to the life of KTOWN :D If you can, please send us a small donation to keep the station online <333

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Incredible view of Seoul, South Korea in it's late hours. The beauty that this country has to offer is absolutely insuperable, and Seoul is the perfect example. Today, Seoul is the largest metropolis in Korea, with a rapidly growing economy that provides for over ten million of it's residants.

Another example of South Korea's beauty, Haeundae beach is among the most popular and famous tourist attractions in the world. Located in the city of Busan, Haeundae-gu ranges about 51 Kilometers, and is home to about 500,000.

Jay Park (JOAH)
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